Political Education: What is Republicanism?

The Republican Socialist Platform will begin a new political education series this month, starting by tackling the question: What is republicanism?

Political education

Our inaugural series of 13 structured political discussions, introduced and facilitated by different RSP members, will explore the fundamental aspects of the RSP’s politics as well as some of the pressing issues facing working class people in modern Scotland.

No organisation, let alone a republican socialist organisation, can thrive without a culture of internal debate in which members have the knowledge and confidence to participate fully. Our political education working group was set up to think about how we can achieve this.

We’re not aiming to lecture members, but rather to invite them to discussions which recognise and welcome the fact that many of the issues at hand are contested and might remain so. We want everyone participating – whether they’ve been on the left for years or for weeks – to leave these discussions having shared their own knowledge and having gained from that of others.

Our ultimate hope is that each of these discussions will have a positive knock-on impact on our internal culture, our collective writing, and our participation in wider movements and organisations like the Radical Independence Campaign.


Our first discussion – What is republicanism? – will take place on Sunday 28 March at 2pm. This is open to all RSP members. You can now download a resource packet containing a selection of articles and videos compiled by our co-facilitators to help inform this discussion.

This session will be followed by What is socialism? in April and What is feminism? in May.

Our current confirmed programme of discussions is as follows:

  1. What is republicanism?
  2. What is socialism?
  3. What is feminism?
  4. What can ecosocialism contribute to confronting the climate and ecological crises?
  5. Why ‘internationalism from below’?
  6. How do we organise workplaces in the 21st century?
  7. Why fight for LGBT liberation?
  8. How do we guarantee homes for all?
  9. Is the social model of disability anti-capitalist?
  10. How important are elections?
  11. Is Scottish education fit for purpose?
  12. How can the left engage beyond the Central Belt?
  13. Can technology be emancipatory?

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